Euronet’s Remote Key Load

How Much is ATM Master Key Management Costing Your Organization?


Automate Your Master Key Distribution Securely with Euronet Software Solutions’ Remote Key Load Module Euronet Software Solutions’

Remote Key Load module provides an automated and virtually effortless method of electronically managing and distributing master keys. With our module, banks and ATM deployers operating networks of all sizes can automate and centralize their process resulting in time, budget and resource savings, operational efficiency improvements and security enhancements. Using technology based on principles of public key cryptography our Remote Key Load module provides mutual authentication between the host and the ATM and fulfills the dual control concept which ensures that no single person has access to the entire key value. Our module supports Diebold, NCR and Wincor Nixdorf ATMs.

The Benefits of Implementing ATM Remote Key Load

  • Provides a centralized, automated process while improving security and lowering associated costs
  • Reduces the number of time consuming and costly onsite visits
  • Improves operational efficiencies by freeing up human resources
  • Helps you stay compliant
  • Helps protect you and your customers against possible fraud and criminal activity
  • Provides a more streamlined process with mass key distribution
  • Reduces the risk of human data entry errors
  • Supports longer keys to deter hacking
  • Faster, easier and more reliable process
  • Increases ATM Availability

How Remote Key Load Works with Your Environment


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