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As a leading financial technology provider, Euronet Software Solutions offers a full suite of solutions and services to meet your payments needs.


We offer a full range of payments solutions, including real-time and cross-border. See how our solutions can meet your payments processing and switching needs. You can count on us to deliver proven technology — the same technology that we use in Euronet’s own global payments processing centers.


We provide global solutions for digital banking and card management, across credit, debit, and prepaid cards. With our flexible solutions, we facilitate issuing for any mixture of card product types, and our robust catalog of web services make third-party integration a breeze, while helping you meet today’s requirements for real-time and open banking.


We facilitate payment acceptance, from authorization through settlement, spanning all sales channels, devices, and geographies. Our solutions cover merchant acquiring and device acquiring, including point-of-sale, ATM driving, and dynamic currency conversion.


Generate more revenue with our ATM management services. As the largest pan-European IAD, Euronet has perfected the model to deploy and maintain ATMs with the best placement, design, and features. This means free device placement with no risk, no maintenance, and more money for you in just one square meter of your real estate. Put our years of experience to work optimizing your ATM fleet operations.


Provide international travelers the option to conduct transactions in their home currency with our dynamic currency conversion services. As a DCC pioneer, Euronet has a proven track record with a global fleet of ATMs and client partnerships spanning six continents. By offering a proven consultative approach, device owners see revenue generating opportunities across their entire fleet of terminals.

Payments Solutions

Our years of first-hand experience in complex transaction environments has resulted in a deep understanding of current payment needs. But more importantly, we also understand the direction of payments in the future including real-time and cross-border payments processing and switching.

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Payments Processing

Solutions built by processors for processors. As an operator of an extensive global payments network, we deliver proven technology— the same technology that Euronet uses in payments centers worldwide, serving locations in over 180 countries.

For Processors
  • Leverage one solution while accommodating each member bank’s brand and business model
  • Make the complex simple with inter-participant settlement, multiple cut-offs, and flexible fee scheduling
  • Be the trusted partner, providing access to all international and regional networks
  • Drive any device and integrate seamlessly with standard or proprietary applications and systems

Whether you are an issuer or an acquirer, we have a full complement of EMV-enabled international and regional network switching solutions including, but not limited to: Visa, Mastercard®, American Express, Discover, Diners, PULSE, UnionPay, and JCB. You can also use our host-to-host switch connections to seamlessly integrate with third-party applications to maximize your investments.

National Switch

Enable and empower national switches/networks to manage the day-to-day operations of participant banks and businesses.

Key processing features: account-to-account real-time posting, authorization, settlement, reconciliation, and notifications. We also cover ATM, cross-border QR, domestic QR, POS and non-card transactions along with multi-participant management.

Real-Time Payments

Facilitate payment transactions across multiple service providers and channels, serving both central infrastructures and participants in a single platform.

Real-Time Payment Networks

Our solutions simplify the process of joining and participating in real-time payment networks across the world while reducing risks, costs and time-to-market.

We support major RTP networks around the world including: FedNow, TCH RTP, UPI, InstaPay, and Dandelion. In addition, our flexible APIs can support message translation from all your existing platforms to any industry standard format like ISO 20022, XML, ISO 8583, etc.

Overlay Services

Value-added payment services offered via customer-facing channels that leverage the RTP connections.

This includes request to pay, request for return of funds, bill payments, eMandates, etc., along with white labeled apps to speed up time to market.

Cross-border Payments

Leverage Euronet’s Dandelion solution, working with the money transfer segment of our parent company, we offer this first-of-a-kind payments platform, that modernizes the way fintechs, banks, ERPs, and technology platforms integrate business and consumer real-time and cross-border payments into their products. 

Expand Your Global Footprint Instantly

Frustration with the cost, lack of transparency and time-consuming nature of today’s payment systems drove us to build our own compliant and trusted global payment platform. Dandelion empowers your business to grow quickly, while giving you peace of mind to focus on what really matters—your customer.

  • Unlock new revenue streams – Instantly scale to new markets in 190+ countries
  • Create better experiences – Eliminate complicated layers with transparency
  • Save time and resources – Leverage built-in settlement, compliance and support
Unmatched Reach, Speed & Transparency

Dandelion removes the hassle of global, cross-border payments. While others may use third parties to process payments, we’ve designed an inclusive platform that connects the world’s money with speed and reach that’s built for the modern world.


  • 190+ CountriesIncluding hard-to-reach, emerging markets
  • Flexible Payout4 billion bank accounts & mobile wallets, plus 500,000+ cash pickup locations
  • Transparency Payment visibility every step of the way
  • Real-Time PaymentsOver 90% of Dandelion’s current payments are delivered in real-time.
One Integration, Many Possibilities

Dandelion offers a single, customizable API for easy integration designed for a variety of use cases. Our solutions are simple, secure, and come with the backing of more than 35 years’ experience. With our service catalog, payments can be delivered in cash, deposited in a bank account or in a mobile wallet.

  • Instant AccessOne API integration is your gateway to a global network, letting you natively deploy from any platform
  • Built-In SettlementOne contract and settlement eliminate the need to establish relationships with receiving banks
  • Proven ComplianceOne integrated compliance framework to seamlessly navigate global regulation with minimal effort

Alternative Payments

Digital wallets, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) payments, BNPL, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), and crypto are becoming preferred payment methods for many consumers. With our flexible APIs, you can integrate with virtually any system allowing your merchant customers the flexibility to accept a variety of alternative payment types.

Digital Wallets
P2P / A2A
Buy Now/Pay Later (BNPL)

Issuing Solutions

We provide global solutions to serve your issuing needs for digital banking and card management, across credit, debit, and prepaid. With multi-currency and multi-language capability, our solutions provide the flexibility your organization needs to expand service offerings into additional customer delivery channels without reconfiguring or re-licensing the technology.

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Card Management

Designed with change in mind, our versatile card management solutions respond to today’s and tomorrow’s market and compliance requirements securely, quickly, and efficiently. Direct your overall card business with a customer-centric view while issuing and managing a complete range of integrated contactless, EMV-compliant debit, credit, and prepaid cards. We accommodate all major card brands, as well as in-house private label cards and support all mediums—plastic, virtual, and digital.

Customer Card Account Management

Euronet’s card management software solutions provide cross-portfolio management across all credit, debit, and prepaid cards with a single view of your customer and an integrated set of reporting. These solutions are designed to expand your suite of products for new market requirements and to fine-tune existing offerings.


  • Improve business decisions with customer-centric views across a comprehensive customer portfolio.
  • Simplify management of multiple card types through card security management controls across all cards.
  • Accommodate consumers’ needs for innovation by easily incorporating other systems and channels, such as mobile and internet, via a robust suite of web and API services.
  • Bring new cards to market faster with flexible product creation templates and profiles for unique offerings.
  • Put the cardholder in control with tailored access controls, and limits at the card and user level.
  • Combat fraud while ensuring a secure transaction experience using limits set by country, PAN entry mode, and merchant categories—including extended and temporary limits.
  • Increase internal security with a robust set of dual authorization controls for key activities, such as limit changes, card status, and card activation.
  • Reduce operational costs while improving the customer experience through physical and digital card or PIN distribution.
  • Manage the card issuance process more efficiently with individual and bulk stock inventory tracking across all stages of delivery from creation to activation.
  • Improve customer support by responding faster with card event and transaction history.
Credit Card Account Management
  • Manage more than just the card – improve customer specific decisions with an account-specific view.
  • Improve business decisions with account usage insights that span the entire account life cycle.
  • Remove the wait time through instant account modifications (i.e. silver to gold, Mastercard® to Visa, non-chip to chip, euros to dollars, etc.) in real time.
  • Help customers minimize risk by establishing primary and individual card spending limits.
  • Appeal to the traveling consumer with dual currency account/card products.
  • Increase revenue using configurable fee and interest profiles.
  • Give your customers more choice by accommodating special payment plans for large purchases over extended periods of time.
  • Streamline back office tasks with comprehensive credit card back office functions, including multiple billing cycles, statements, and autopay options.
Prepaid Card Management
  • Capitalize on the rapidly expanding prepaid card market with gift cards and enable business customers to serve underbanked markets with payroll and EBT funds distribution.
  • Set yourself apart with traveling customers by offering a multi-currency wallet for innovative convenience.
  • Expedite gift card issuance with bulk card issuance and card distribution tracking.
  • Reduce risk for you and your customer by setting spending limits, load amounts, balance limits, and funds expiry that support Anti-Money Laundering (AML).
  • Deliver more secure options for on-line shoppers with virtual cards.
  • Quickly accommodate evolving fee needs with one flexible structure that supports a wide variety of options, such as card loads, card activation, and membership fees.
Debit Card Management
  • Optimize revenue with highly flexible fee profiles using a broad variety of criteria such as issuance, reissuance, transactions, and service charges – all definable by card, BIN, and account level.
  • Provide customers with the convenience of instant card issuance through streamlined integration with major core banking applications.
  • Allow for easy management of customer inquiries, daily usage limits, usage time, and invalid PIN entries with in-depth current and historical account information.
  • Expedite your digital strategies while reducing operational costs through card digitization including electronic and mobile PIN options.
  • Build customer confidence and reduce fraud with monitoring and cardholder alerts based on usage and velocity limits, as well as local, international and cardless transactions.
  • Easily create and manage corporate and employee-owned cards using company-specific templates that are defined and managed by account groupings.

Digital Banking

Today’s consumers expect access to their funds around the clock, and around the world. With our flexible digital software solutions, you can provide availability whenever and wherever your customers’ busy lives take them.

Expand customer conveniences

with options such as P2P, inquiries and transfers, bill payments, mobile top-ups, and internet pre-staging for cardless ATM withdrawals.

Put the power into customers’ hands

with self-enrollment, account profile management, and card replacements.

Instill higher levels of confidence

using SMS or email account activity notifications, consumer-controlled notification and usage limits setup, card blocking capabilities, stop payment, and two-factor authentication.

Alternative Payments

Your organization’s path to digitization should include your payment cards – essentially creating a digital card and mobile wallet for your cardholders.

Keeping Your Card “Top of Wallet”

The ability to seamlessly integrate your digital card/mobile wallet with Euronet’s card management systems, international payment networks, and a trusted partner for the phone SDK, will help keep your card “top-of-wallet”” as your cardholders utilize “tap & go” purchasing.

Added Security & Convenience

Give your cardholders the option to store a digital image of their cards on their phone and pay directly from their phone wherever contactless payment terminals are available. No need to look for the plastic– the card is stored securely on their mobile device and is available whenever needed. Storing a digital card in a mobile wallet is safer than carrying a physical card.  The key to the mobile wallet’s improved security is its powerful encryption. Unlike a physical debit or credit card transaction, payment information is never vulnerable physically.

Cost Reduction

Because physical cards are not created you avoid the production and postage costs of printing and mailing out cards to customers.

Market Demand

As contactless terminals become widely available your customers will want to take advantage of the added convenience of “tap & go” payments when making purchases.  Being one of the first providers in your market can provide a significant competitive advantage.

Acquiring Solutions

We facilitate payment acceptance, from authorization through settlement, spanning all sales channels, devices, and geographies. Our solutions cover merchant acquiring and device acquiring, including ATMs and point-of-sale, as well as dynamic currency conversion.

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Merchant & Device Management

Our merchant management solution suite supports POS driving, real-time merchant settlement, flexible payment options, and profile-driven fraud controls designed for each merchant’s unique needs.

POS Management

Accommodating the merchant’s preferences, our solution drives any POS device.

Deliver more for your merchants with an expanded transaction set including mobile phone top-up, merchant-initiated installments, and agent banking.

Provide settlement options that work for you and the merchant using online and batch settlement.

Improve POS deployment tracking with daily and on-demand reporting.

Agent Banking

Extend your bank’s branch presence and customer reach without typical brick and mortar investments—all while strengthening your merchant relationships.

Convert your merchants’ customers into your customers by providing banking services (cash withdrawals, cash deposits, account transfers, balance inquiry, mini statement requests, and bill payments…) at the merchants’ POS terminals.

Increase your merchants’ revenue by driving traffic and offering configurable merchant fee incentives.

Expedite payments for both you and your merchant with real-time settlement.

Improve control for your merchants using account-specific transaction limits.

Ease the process for merchants to track agent banking activity with separate reporting and settlement using a virtual POS terminal.

Merchant Management

Leverage one solution to meet shared and unique business requirements within and across merchants, regardless of business models, locations, types, and POS devices.

On-board new merchants quickly using pre-defined profiles that are easy to customize for each unique merchant’s needs.

Enhance money management with deferred and/or immediate merchant settlement options that include direct account posts.

Give merchants and consumers the flexibility of special payment plans for large purchases over extended periods of time.

Increase merchant revenue by offering competitive merchant commission (discount) rate models by card type and card brand.

Continuously maximize your revenue with automated rate reviews and adjustment management.

ATM Management Software 

Maximize customer engagement and revenue generation while improving operational productivity. Euronet’s Ren ATM Management solution provides the comprehensive tools you need to take command of your fleet and offer a richer customer experience through next-generation features & design concepts.

Modernize Your ATMs Appearance & Functionality
  • Set your own schedule for launching in-demand features rather than waiting on hardware vendor updates
  • Position your organization to select and deploy the best ATM features for each site based on ATM location and user demographics
  • Empower your marketing team to create, verify, and schedule targeted marketing campaigns with Euronet’s WYSISYG Designer and ATM simulation tools
In-Demand Features

Deepen customer relations with in-demand features such as contactless, internet and mobile banking integration for pre-staged transactions, interactive teller support, cash recycling, cash recycling, and targeted advertising/messaging including video as well as still imagery. Flexible multi-language and multi-currency options are supported.

50+ Transaction Types

Develop new revenue streams. Ren Self-Service supports 50+ transaction types such as cardless, contactless, P2P, couponing, dynamic currency conversion (DCC), third-party advertising, utility payments, event ticket sales, and public transportation fares.

Improve Operational Efficiency & Reduce Costs

Monitor and manage your entire fleet (even multi-vendor fleets) in real-time via a single browser-based user interface with remote commanding and remote software update capabilities.

      • Centralize ATM configuration, monitoring, and management
      • Remotely schedule and deploy screen flow updates, key loads, and messaging campaigns.
      • Drive campaign scheduling and campaign management all from one place
      • Resolve issues quicker with searchable electronic journaling and logging. Ren Self-Service facilitates detailed reporting and analysis of ATM usage to identify trends, maximize cash management and optimize overall performance of the ATM channel.
      • Anticipate and respond to operational issues sooner with SMS and email alerts


    DCC Management Services

    Our SureXchange Dynamic Currency Conversion Management services deliver proven analytics and transaction flows and optimized DCC opt-in rates, while allowing international travelers the convenience of conducting transactions in their home currency.

    As a DCC pioneer, Euronet has a proven track record with our own global fleet of ATMs and across our client partnerships spanning six continents. By offering a proven consultative approach, device owners see revenue generating opportunities across their entire fleet of terminals.

    Benefits for Your Customers

    Give your customers the power of choice with the option to pay in their home currency with full transparency at favorable, locked-in rates.

    Insights That Deliver!

    We provide unmatched insights and analysis of your data to maximize the DCC performance of your fleet.

    Our Guarantees

    You won’t be charged upfront, reocurring, or change fees, and our dedicated team helps you achieve industry-leading opt-in rates, driving more revenue for you to keep.

    Expanded Products and Features

    via Euronet’s concierge services that transform the ATM into a digital marketplace. 

    Enhanced Customer Engagement & Ease of Use

    Innovative screen design concepts, flexible language and currency options based on ATM placement and user demographics, and extended card acceptance through Euronet’s connections which include domestic, regional, and international card networks

    Strategic Marketing

    to increase visibility and awareness of the ATM presence leading to maximized traffic and transaction volumes


    ATM Management Services

    With Euronet’s ATM management services, you can generate more revenue. We perfected the model to deploy and maintain ATMs that are in the best place, with the best look and feel, and with more than just cash dispensing options.

    This means free placement, no risk, no maintenance, and more money for you in just one square meter of your real estate.