Euronet’s Integrated Credit Card System

Improve Your Marketability, Profitability and Revenue Potential

With Euronet’s Integrated Credit Card System, you can improve marketability, profitability and revenue potential across your card issuer operations. It allows you to develop and launch new card products, including EMV, more rapidly and effectively.

Euronet’s Integrated Credit Card System has been implemented globally meeting the needs of financial institutions with individual demands specific not just to industry mandates but to each country’s needs. 

Whether the requirement is to provide a local spend, international, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, proprietary, personal, corporate, affinity, magnetic strip or EMV cards, our solution offers the flexibility to issue all or any mixture of these products types.

An extensive use of product templates and profiles allow setup at the individual account level controlling fees, interest, limits and transaction authorization parameters.

ICCS will strengthen existing customer relationships and retain loyalty by offering services that meet the cardholder’s needs while improving operational efficiency with a solution that provides automated operations as well as ease of use.

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