Customer Card Management

Euronet’s card management software solutions provide cross-portfolio management across all credit, debit, and prepaid cards with a single view of your customer and an integrated set of reporting. These solutions are designed to expand your suite of products for new market requirements and to fine-tune existing offerings.

Improve business decisions with customer-centric views across a comprehensive customer portfolio.

Simplify management of multiple card types through card security management controls across all cards.

Accommodate consumers’ needs for innovation by easily incorporating other systems and channels, such as mobile and internet, via a robust suite of web and API services.

Bring new cards to market faster with flexible product creation templates and profiles for unique offerings.

Put the cardholder in control with tailored access controls, and limits at the card and user level.

Combat fraud while ensuring a secure transaction experience using limits set by country, PAN entry mode, and merchant categories—including extended and temporary limits.

Increase internal security with a robust set of dual authorization controls for key activities, such as limit changes, card status, and card activation.

Reduce operational costs while improving the customer experience through physical and digital card or PIN distribution.

Manage the card issuance process more efficiently with individual and bulk stock inventory tracking across all stages of delivery from creation to activation.

Improve customer support by responding faster with card event and transaction history.