ATM Management Services

One Square Meter

With Euronet’s ATM management services, you can generate more revenue. We perfected the model to deploy and maintain ATMs that are in the best place, with the best look and feel, and with more than just cash dispensing options.
This means free placement, no risk, no maintenance, and more money for you in just one square meter of your real estate.

We do this with:

  • Strategic marketing to increase visibility and awareness of the ATM presence leading to maximized traffic and transaction volumes
  • Expanded products and features via Euronet’s concierge services that transform the ATM into a digital marketplace
  • Innovative screen design concepts for enhanced customer engagement and ease of use
  • Flexible language and currency options based on ATM placement and user demographics
  • Extended card acceptance through Euronet’s connections which include domestic, regional, and international card networks

To find out more, contact

Angéle Forrest
Office: +1-501-218-7206