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February 2012

2011 ITM Benchmark Results Maximum Performance on a Proven Platform
February 16, 2012

Euronet Software Solutions' Integrated Transaction Management (ITM) system is benchmark tested annually to ensure maximum performance and peak efficiency. As proven in its most recent benchmark, Euronet Software Solutions' ITM system exceeded expectations and reached new heights with the ability to process more than 12,000 transactions per second while realizing a 26% reduction in CPU usage.

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Surinaamse Postspaarbank Delivers Needed Services to Remote Regions Via Euronet Mobile Banking and POS Solutions
June 13, 2016

Republic Financial to Offer Credit Cards to Customers in Suriname using Euronet's ITM Software
May 03, 2016

Bank Sahabat Sampoerna signs for NSICCS Issuer and Acquirer Certification
March 10, 2016

Bank South Pacific Moves Forward with Euronet ITM for Samoa, Tonga and Cook Island Operations
December 07, 2015

State Bank of India, Indonesia to Implement Euronet's ITM Payment Hub Solution
October 27, 2015