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Sustainability Policy
Euronet and the Environment

Euronet is committed to conducting all facets of our business in an environmentally and socially sound manner in our local facility and off site. We strive to be ecofriendly while designing and delivering solutions to our clients.

Facility Operations
Though the Euronet office is a leased facility, we work with the building owners to support and promote good measures in maintaining the control and the efficiency of the building. The heating and cooling of the building is based on occupancy and environmental conditions. During non-working hours the thermostat controls automatically adjust to conserve energy. Water flow regulators are on all faucets to minimize excessive water use and heating of hot water due to reduced water flow.

Employment Practices
Euronet promotes and supports activities that encourage healthy lifestyles for our employees.

Euronet strives to minimize the impact on the environment by analyzing the necessity of our travel use.

Euronet acts responsibly toward the environment in which we operate by implementing recycling programs including the disposal of electronic office equipment, paper, aluminum cans, and all other recyclables in an appropriate manner in accordance with general policy, avoiding waste and lessening the impact on the environment.

Community Service
Euronet feels that it is our obligation to support the community in which we work and actively sponsor several ongoing community service programs.


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