Become a Processor of Electronic Payments with Gold-Net

- Earn revenue on every transaction you manage and route 

- Create a competitive advantage  

- Increase your market share  

- Provide a variety of Banking services for your region  

A processor of electronic payments is an organization that provides secure, scalable, compliant and reliable transaction routing and switching for financial institution member participants. Routing and switching payments include authorizing, clearing and settling transactions making sure they are valid, funds are available and accounts are credited and debited accurately. Payments organizations around the world use Euronet Software Solutions’ Gold-Net Global Payment Solution to perform this critical function seamlessly.

In today’s fast-paced and high tech world with tremendous growth in electronic payment technologies, financial institutions are looking for efficient, reliable and cost effective ways to go-to-market quickly with convenient and innovative solutions. 

Euronet Software Solutions’ Gold-Net product is a streamlined ATM and POS network switching and management solution. It enables your organization to provide outsourcing services for device management, card management, PIN management, transaction routing and authorization in a secure environment. As a Gold-Net processor, your organization will play a pivotal role in helping your clients accommodate emerging payment technologies and trends such as dynamic currency conversion, contactless, EMV, P2P, bill pay, remittance, customer preferences and more. This will allow them to more effectively respond to the needs of their cardholders with value-added services.

The benefits for your organization are numerous – including revenue on every transaction you manage and route, increased market share, and a competitive advantage while helping your members serve customers in your region with a variety of innovative banking and electronic payment services. Providing value-added services such as  recharge, bill pay, Internet banking and more, you enable your members to focus on growing their business and providing a world of payment options to their customers.

ATM and POS  transactions require a series of critical steps between issuers and acquirers. Gold-Net facilitates these steps securely and accurately allowing your organization to be an essential link in your region. 

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