Electronic Payment Processing Software Solutions 

Payments Hub Infrastructure Blends Your Technology and Business Processes to Manage and Streamline Your Payments System

Delivering a competitive advantage with a flexible, yet disciplined, modern architecture, our software solutions are built upon a proven payments hub infrastructure. Supporting our clients’ legacy applications, multiple payment products and internal bank operations, our payments hub approach with services-oriented architecture and Web Services channels, including reusable, non-redundant service layers and components, creates an environment that blends technology and business processes, reduces risks and simplifies payment systems.

Confront Industry Challenges and Streamline Disorganized Legacy Systems

Explosive growth rates in electronic payments and a silo mindset to transaction management have resulted in inefficient, non responsive systems throughout the financial services world. This silo approach and stand-alone legacy systems created a spaghetti-like processing environment full of potential points of failure and an environment that makes it difficult to streamline processing, utilize like capabilities and makes remaining current on software releases time consuming and expensive. As a result, financial services organizations have been left with an unfavorable cost-of-ownership and a competitive disadvantage.

As payment transaction volumes continue to grow exponentially and payment instruments increase in complexity, organizations will be rendered unprofitable due to the inflexibility of legacy systems, the challenges of supporting multiple platforms and upward spiraling costs. Euronet’s end-to-end payments hub architecture is designed to conquer these challenges.

Manage Your Payments Processing Seamlessly with Our Services-Oriented Payments Hub Environment

Euronet's services-oriented payments hub architecture naturally reduces the risks and complexity associated with connecting multiple delivery channels to multiple back-end systems. This discipline enables your organization to manage payments processing by seamlessly integrating ATMs and POS network merchant systems, card management, Internet and mobile devices within your retail delivery channels.It also supports online connections to non-Euronet solutions easily, extending the processing efficiencies to all of your payments applications.



Optimal Performance on a Highly Scalable Platform with Exceptional Business Resiliency

Capable of processing in excess of 12,000 transactions per second, our software delivers optimal performance on the IBM Power Systems™ server – a platform of choice relied on by the banking industry worldwide to improve efficiencies, cut costs, better manage operations, gain business insight and enhance competitive advantage. Whether your organization is a regional financial services organization or a large scale global processor, our proven solutions will support your critical business needs and meet the demands of your customers now and in the future.

Leading Technology from a Trusted Partner and Single Source 

You can count on Euronet to be your trusted partner in electronic payment processing with software that delivers value to you every minute, every day, every year. Euronet’s software solutions have been successfully fulfilling the transaction processing needs of financial services organizations around the world for more than 35 years. Our software processes billions transactions annually, originating primarily on global ATM and POS networks. Our software solutions support our customers’ initiatives for having in-house control of offerings that differentiate them from their competition as well as our own Euronet outsourcing data centers.

We provide a fully integrated suite of solutions for Issuing, Acquiring, e-Banking, EFT Gateway and Switching with Card Associations (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, China UnionPay) and numerous regional and national networks and ancillary value added capabilities. Our software offerings are designed to increase your revenue, reduce your expenses, improve your security and increase the value of your customer relationships.

Euronet’s Biennial Point Release Program Allows You to Stay Current

To help our clients get the most value out of their technology, we have a biennial (every two years) Point Release Program built into our software maintenance plan. Unlike versioning, where some companies require customizations to be modified to work with the new version, we carry customizations forward from release to release and distribute new features and program temporary fixes so that our clients can keep their technology current. This means that our clients can enjoy all of the new features and functions that are available from the time of their initial installation date. By installing the Point Release every two years, our clients benefit from more effective support, easier mandate installations, smoother implementations of new projects and increased speed-to-market for enhancements critical to your business.

Euronet’s Solution Direction and Commitment

Utilizing industry standards to enhance security, reduce costs and create an enduring business model, Euronet’s continual investment in solution development ensures long-term growth. We have a dedicated and experienced product management team that steers our product direction and long-term vision with emphasis on the consumer experience, expanding into alternative markets, and deriving operation improvements without compromising security and compliance. We continually invest in and explore new ways to service and expand the quality of our solutions. Strategic and thought leadership along with ongoing research and development investment create a competitive advantage for innovative solutions for our clients.


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