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EFT Processors

Outsourcing Solutions from a Trusted and Experienced Partner

Euronet Software Solutions provide a comprehensive and complete slate of solutions for EFT processors enabling them to offer ATM, POS and Card Management outsourcing services to their clients.

We personally understand the needs of the EFT processors. Unlike other software providers, we have a unique view of the financial services industry from the perspective of a software provider and an outsourcing provider.

Utilizing our own state-of-the art data centers and software, Euronet is a processor for clients and an owner/deployer for a network of ATMs and POS terminals across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. We provide comprehensive electronic payment solutions consisting of ATM network participation, ATM and POS management solutions, credit and debit card outsourcing, card issuing and merchant management services.

Our combined software and outsourcing experience provide you with powerful competitive advantages, and innovative and reliable solutions that meet your needs as well as your customers’ demands day in and day out, year after year.

Our ability to integrate software solutions are at the core of our services-oriented payments hub architecture providing our clients with a substantial reduction in the overhead costs associated with managing multiple delivery systems and vendor interfaces. With multi-currency and multi-language capability, our solutions provide the flexibility our clients need to expand service offerings into additional customer delivery channels without reconfiguring or relicensing the technology.

For more information about Euronet Software Solutions, email us at questions@eeft.com.

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