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Euronet’s Global Payment Solution – Gold-Net

The Network Advantage

With Euronet’s Gold-Net Global Payment Solution, you can meet market demands and be the primary agent providing authorization, clearing, settlement services and a global link for merchants and member participants. Our solution is a comprehensive network switching and management package designed for financial services organizations with automated teller machine and/or POS terminal networks.

Our solution allows organizations to provide clients with EFT services through its own network, through institutional sharing arrangements as well as national and international interchange networks. Through modular expansions, Gold-Net can mean a complete ATM and POS processing system where the network drives the devices as well as switches transactions.

Gold-Net is a modular and expandable EFT solution that allows for all manner of network design, whether the network is a small proprietary network managing transactions for one institution or a large shared network that offers linkage to external local, regional, or international networks and gateways. 

Overall, Gold-Net offers the proper mix of features and functionality that are essential for successful network operations. Automated functionality helps keep staffing costs down and consistent quality operations up. Expandable architecture and design allow Gold-Net to grow with businesses and to adapt for special considerations as they arise.

Euronet’s Gold-Net solution is used by process organizations all over the world. Gold-Net is the same solution Euronet uses in its own data centers.

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