Euronet’s POS Bank Solution

Increase Your Presence in Merchant Locations and Remote Areas

 With Euronet’s POS Bank Solution, you can increase your presence by serving a broader base of merchants and deploying banking services in remote areas such as rural communities and island locations where it may not be feasible to build a traditional bank branch. While a traditional branch’s brick and mortar have typically helped banks move into these areas, it is an expensive undertaking with the additional need for human resources to staff these branches.

With our solution, the existing POS infrastructure and merchants are leveraged allowing consumers to make retail purchases, pay bills or use the system to transfer money between accounts or to friends and relatives. In short, the merchants become bank branches offering a defined transaction set where many times there were little to no banking services at all.

Transactions are card based to ensure ultimate security. To reduce fraud, limits are placed on volume, transaction amounts and accumulated amount.

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